Neem Seed Powder -
(Neem Kernel Cake)

Universal Neem Kernel Cake is the residue of neem oil which we obtain from the first quality of neem seed’s kernel which has been crushed to extract neem oil.

Universal Neem Kernel Cake is rated highest quality product among other organic fertilizer because of its high Azadirachtin content with high NPK value

Advantages :

  • Field Studies have shown that Universal Neem Kernel Cake / Granules dosed at 250 kilogram per hectare has the efficacy of commercial neem cake at a dosage of 1000 kilogram per hectare.
  • Totally prevents the hatching of the pests/insecticides eggs in the soil
  • Enriches the soil natural nutrients
  • The chlorophyll content gets increased day by day
  • Provides more and more nitrates for the plants, which inturn induces the nitrogen metabolism
  • Total organic matter, no harm to soil , water as well as environment

Universal Neem Cake - Assured Quality Specification :



Azadiractin Min 800 ppm
Nimbin Min 850 ppm
Salanin Min 1500 ppm
Nitrogen Min 4.00 %
Phosphorus Min 1.5%
Potassium Min 1.5%
PH 3.5
EC(dS/m) 2.2
Calcium Min 0.7%
Magnesium Min 0.5%
Sodium 8(mg/Kg)
Sulphate 12(mg/Kg)
Copper 14(mg/Kg)
Iron 600(mg/kg)
Manganese 22(mg/kg)
Zinc 54(mg/kg)
Silica 1.04%
Sulphur Min 1.20%
Aflatoxin B1 Less than 2ppm
Total aflatoxin Less than 4ppm
Arsenic NIL
Cadmium NIL
Copper chloride NIL
Lead NIL
Mercury NIL
Nickel NIL
Zinc NIL
Molybdenum NIL
Selenium NIL
E.coli per gm NIL
Salmonela Absent
  • Induces the nitrification process.
  • Provides more and more nitrates for the plants, which in turn induces the nitrogen metabolism.
  • The chlorophyll content gets increased
  • The decomposition of Universal Neem Kernel Cake releases, fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones, amino acids, carbohydrates and free sulphur, which forms the precursor materials for plant growth and metabolism.
  • When it gets decomposed, many of the released compounds hinder the growth of pathogenic fungus.
  • The taste, odour and organic composition retards. Repells / inhibits the growth and development of plant parasitic nematodes.
  • Root galling can be controlled.
  • Induces the growth of beneficial soil flora and fauna
  • Good for all soils, all crops, all seasons. It works primarily by increasing the humus content of the soil. It is an all-purpose organic soil conditioner, ideal for low organic matter soils.
  • This leads to a significantly reduced chemical fertilizer demand. In fact, in most cases, chemical fertilizer dosage can be reduced by 25 to 30% in the first year of application of our organic fertilizer.
  • Due to fewer chemicals being used, abundant soil micro flora and greatly improved soil health, yields increase significantly. In the first year of application itself, most plants have given 15 to 20% higher yields. The quality of the farm produce is improved tremendously. Fruits are larger, more lustrous, taste better and have a longer shelf life.

Packing Styles Available:

HDPE Bags : 5 / 10 / 20 / 25 / 50 KG
Jute Bags : 5 / 10 / 20 / 25 / 50 KG
Cotton Bags : 5 / 10 / 20 / 25 / 50 KG
Non Woven Bags : 5 / 10 / 20 / 25 / 50 KG
Jumbo Bags : 500 KG & 1 Metric Ton

Packing and Capacity :

Packing and Capacity : Container Capacity
50 KG HDPP / Jute / Cotton/ Non Woven Bags 1 x 20’ Container 18 Metric Ton (Approx) 360 bags
50 KG HDPP / Jute / Cotton / Non Woven Bags 1 x 40’ Container 26 Metric Ton (Approx) 520 bags
1 Metric Ton Jumbo bags 1 x 20’ Container 20 Metric Tons (Without Pallets)

Supply Capacity :

5 x 20’ Container – 100 Tons Weekly.

Delivery Time: 5 Working Days for 100 MT.

MOQ: 1 Metric Ton.

Port Of Loading :

Chennai Sea Port MAA – Tamil Nadu – India.

Tuticorin Sea Port TEU - Tamil Nadu – India.

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