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Universal Organics.!

Universal Organics manufactures and supplies a diverse range of Bio-Organic Fertilizers to the market. The range includes Organic Manure, Natural Oils and Organic Fertilizers.

Made from natural materials using advanced techniques; the Bio-Organic Fertilizers are suitable for all types of farming. Having a variety of features, these products are perfect for increasing yield while maintaining health of plant/crop in a natural manner.

Universal Organics manufacture and export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide and the growth of export increases every year.

We associated with many overseas companies in order to keep the product availability to our customers very nearer to them.

Why Our Organic Fertilizers?

  • Enhance crop yield by 25-30
  • Restore chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by 20%
  • Enhance plant growth
  • Stimulate the soil biologically
  • Maintain soil fertility
  • Prevent soil borne diseases.

We aim to keep the environment clean, assist farmers to preserve the fertility of the soil and at the same time produce crops that are free of chemicals and pesticides. Our fundamental objective is to establish an integrated organic food industry and minimize ecological hazards by converting biodegradable wastes into useful fertilizers that are of enhanced quality.

It is due to the above mentioned characteristics that our Bio-Organic Fertilizers are regularly demanded by farmers and horticulturists all over the world. Moreover, further research is also done to improve the effectiveness of the products while ensuring that no harm occurs to the ecosystem.

Factory Site Advantages / Description:

Our factory is located in, well-developed city, with good land and air connections to all major ports. The production processes are carried out in two production complexes. Therefore, a smooth running of the production procedure and high, consistent quality of our products are ensured. Total Area: 50,000 + 40,000 Sq. Ft equipped with modern machines.

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